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Here I Bade Farewell

Here I bade farewell
Leaves of love have fallen
From my soul
And our love
Runs wild
In the meadow of mundanity

In late November
Where the frost
Covers the moral compass
Where the light is dim
Where the flame is flickering

I asked the Lord
For your tender hands
Tender as the sweet
That seduced us

I asked Him
For your moist lips
Moist as the sea
The sea of my tears
That separates our souls

But our shadows
On the fervent waves
As if one

I asked the sun
To shine on
Destiny’s road
But it slept in vanity

I asked the stars
To radiate
The endless tears in the sky
But the bright city lights
Murdered their passions

I soon realized
You were a horse
That left the July sun
To be blinded by November

I crafted a vessel
From your soul’s ice
And set you upon
The never-ending river

Where the rain of word’s
Chilled your corpse
But the snow
As if it were a sad song
Quivered your soul

Soon you were a sonata
In the harmony of life
A star that shines in the day
And sleeps in the endless night

As I winced
I saw the sunset, which framed you
As you set a kiss upon a swallow
That journeys from soul to soul

I pray to the Lord
For a final note
As I run into the forest
And find the water
Your heart needs

I moisten your heart with
The water of youth
Only to realize
I had journeyed to the sea of tears

As I bathe my longing in the river
And place it
Into the sun’s golden locks

As it blackens the sun’s soul
And under the twilight
We exchange kisses

The river takes you
Through the sea of tears
And as the boat melts
Our love plunges
Into the sea
Of corpses

It is only in
The eternal sun
Do I meet a hand so tender
And lips so moist
And a fire so warm


The Child’s Decalogue

I. Let the inner child bleed, bleed to near death and then out will come a man, a man with lion’s blood and a mighty roar

II. Your father is a king and your mother is a queen, but for you their smiles are inferior to that of a stranger’s.

III. As a child I had money, courage but no freedom, now I have no money, some courage but an endless sea of freedom

IV. Feel love and admire beauty, live in the reflection of God, do not cross into His shadow of hatred and of vanity

V. Many trees grow in clusters, warming one another but the one I notice shivers alone

VI. Money, Beauty are fleeing horses, Integrity is a dog at his master’s feet

VII. Paint on the canvas of life, the crisp red of a first love, the ocean blue of longing. Let the sun dance upon the painting and absorb all, all of your passions and dreams

VIII. You will rise up to the mountains with your greatest moments and descend to the valleys with your worst blunders, the wind of other’s actions and the rain of other’s words will make you come down from the mountain, you will find iron in those valleys and you will climb up, in both of these situations you will arrive onto the meadow of a merely mundane existence.

IX. Our life is built on contrasts, of a beginning and an end, of love and hatred, but all of us can be united in happiness and love, dancing around the everlasting flame

X. Accomplish all you can in the day and all that you have forgotten hides in the twilight. The forgotten soon vanishes as valiant cavaliers into the dead of the night.

Shadows and Reflections

His body lies in the black crepe of the night
In a bed of rocks in the river of tears

His mind is drunk with fame’s wine
And tainted with your love
As it shivered like the trees in winter
In a hideaway, in the nation’s soul

And his soul, tinged with the darkness of night
Flutters like a little butterfly in the endless sands of sin

He danced to the sunrise, sung with the sparrows
And listened with passion to the sunset’s ode

It was once figments but he made it reality
The children of life
Showed him that Mother Nature dreamt of sparrows
The young maiden of the morning fantasized of sunrises
And the little stars that shimmer at twilight
Dreamt of sunsets

But God dreamt of all and created all
All of the sparrows, the sunrises and sunsets
He gave life to Mother Nature,
the Morning Maiden,
the Dancing Stars
And invented Love, Beauty, Nature

Nature, Love are God’s reflections
Places where He looks to Himself
But under each reflection lies a shadow
A place that God neglects
Vanity, Ugliness is this shadow

For every flicker of beauty
Lies a candle of vices
For every dream of His
A nightmare shudders His mind

For every picture shot
One vanishes
For every life given
One disappears

And eventually the night erased all the remnants
Of the hopeless man
Of the dreamless man

The Birch Tree

The light dances on your leaves
In your timid shadow it sleeps

Your leaves are drunk with sunshine
And with the scent of spring

O, birch tree, birch tree
It is through your eyes I see the world
It is your trunk that I caress
It is as if your roots keep me here

Your bark is like the city gates
Or the key to your soul
To your leaves
To your little eyes
Imprinted on your skin

One day I saw a spectacle
As you permeated the sky
The sea embraced you
Birch Tree

Every day our eyes met
Maiden in a rose coat
And a beret of butterflies
We waltzed around her
As you danced with the wind

She vanished and left her child
As we flew with the sparrows
And basked in the sun’s glow
But the summer child left me too

We meet again

But now you are faded
And wearing a coat of oblivion
Your soul has become impalpable
Your body vagrant

The trees despise you
For you separated them
From their possessions
Lady Autumn

But you spare those leaves
Those Dancing Leaves
As the trees lose
What they value most
You are separated
From the forum
Of life and love

For the ogre of winter
Banishes all in her trunk
In winter the leaves
Still linger on you

From the woodpecker opening
We see her comrades part
For the men murder them

Through the panes
We see them stand for another night
With seemingly more life
than in you birch tree

When dusk brings day
They are only corpses
But from the corpses sprout their children

And as the ice retreats
We parade through the trees
And the birch fosters the young
Born in winter

Two Lips, One Heart

One winter night
The vagrant stars danced to please
And the moon glowed vividly

She lay on the hostile pavement
Asleep as the snow brought forth a coat

As if she had swallowed the whole moon
And moonbeams danced from her soul
through her skin to her shadow

I tried to soothe her body
To feel what a first kiss was
As if our lips were one

To fill her mind
With African Sands
And the Wild west

To feel her soul
I had to be daring, bold
Because the winter may
Have left her to sleep in eternity

Running far from town
Into the foothills

The flowers were asleep, their bulbs closed
I took the nearest one
Nestling it in her locks

I dove in the deepest ocean
And stole the oyster’s greatest treasure
Positioning the pearl upon her tongue

And I entered the tallest tower
Climbing to the summit
Where I plucked one of the stars
Placing it in her palm

In the cold I too fell asleep
And in the morning
Our eyes met

Her hair was radiating
Like the rays of the sun

The flowers had opened
It’s Petals as if they were the body
And the centre the soul

The star had turned to a diamond
And lay shimmering upon her finger

The pearl had dissolved on her tongue
And she began to stammer and soon speak
Her first words expressed her longing to dance

I opened my arms and my heart
And we danced to our heartbeat
And to the sun’s glow
Through the day

And the ogre of winter
His heart of ice
Falls onto the pavement
Shattering into pieces

The ice retreats and the water
Carries him far from here

The maiden of spring has arrived
And he dances with her
So passionately, so vividly
As time lingered on

A Soul is a Sea

I wore a coat of lily pads
Raining over me were her words, her last words
So hard they poured until a little sparrow
Of hope signalled and doves flew through the air

She buried our flame
In the cemetery of broken loves
And made our path seedy and untraversable
And the windows where we declared our love
No longer lived

My body was growing larger
My mind stranger
But my soul was still, still as a sea on the dawn of spring

Her soul was black and feathered
In the midst of the night she flew away from me
With the sunrise came the blooming of a lotus
And the aroma filled the senses with a new beginning

Your soul was melting on the seaside
Waves bring the sand and soul into
The sea, my sea

We search for pearls
Love, happiness are little gems
In the far stretches of Neptune’s realm

We search for many moments
While you stash kisses from me in seashells
And I hide secrets in bubbles
Many waves pass
We look for those miracles

But they are like mirages dancing in African sand
For the sea is tarnished with the blood of unfaithfulness
And soon it is the sea of blood

Their love dissipates like sea foam
Over the ocean of eternal longing
And their lasting thoughts
Disappear with the winter wind

A Horizon of Love and a Sea of Dreams

You are a little star that I dance to.
You for me are the jewel of every-night.
Someone loves the sunset and another – the moon,
But I love you.

Our love is as enduring as the soul
Like objects that do not open the eyes or stimulate our minds
Love is not the brother of lust,
Love is summer surrounded by winter frost of lust

You were a fruit that never lost its sweetness,
The scent of an evergreen that never fades,
A ship that never docks

You were a flower.
You lived for one hundred nights
And on the one hundredth instead of losing beauty
You disappeared in the wind, a violet amidst roses
But do not worry I love violets.

You made a home for us that lasted for eternity.
A home that I could love, live and dream about.
Offering endless fire of love, and water of life

Your eyes couldn’t open,
Your hands couldn’t feel
But do not worry this makes you closer to the things, which matter most

You were the sun and I was the forest,
You offered me endless love but the trees withered
New trees will grow and your love will live forever

You were the sky and I was the land
We met over the eternal horizon

Raining Time and Bleeding Love

The sun withers, the moon grows
A day fights another but a night bows to the next
Look into the night sky, find the vibrant stars
They are not shaking in the sky
For the brightest star dances within

Let my mind, my body, to feel age, seasons
But let sparrows perch in my soul,
let children polka to my heart beat,

Sow seeds of love in our minds,
Teach us what is love, man of piety, of grace
Let these roses never lose colour,
Never fade from our paradise of desires

Flowers of love, never of lust
They long water and sunshine

Love brings water to the soul,
Lust brings wine to our mind
Love brings souls together,
Lust – a body atop another
Love warms the heart,
Lust incites the eyes
Love is of eternity,
Lust lasts a moment

100 kisses may leave nothing more than a stain
But a smile of an instant can last half a century

Swim in the rivers of life; bask in the sun of youth
Climb many summits, cross many paths
Dance, my dearest; grow, my strongest
Feel to the fullest, my wisest
Dance in colour, with violet and pink until
The sun of youth is covered by clouds and
The thoughts, the actions of adults rain over your head
to ravage the only world those eyes have ever witnessed,