A Horizon of Love and a Sea of Dreams

You are a little star that I dance to.
You for me are the jewel of every-night.
Someone loves the sunset and another – the moon,
But I love you.

Our love is as enduring as the soul
Like objects that do not open the eyes or stimulate our minds
Love is not the brother of lust,
Love is summer surrounded by winter frost of lust

You were a fruit that never lost its sweetness,
The scent of an evergreen that never fades,
A ship that never docks

You were a flower.
You lived for one hundred nights
And on the one hundredth instead of losing beauty
You disappeared in the wind, a violet amidst roses
But do not worry I love violets.

You made a home for us that lasted for eternity.
A home that I could love, live and dream about.
Offering endless fire of love, and water of life

Your eyes couldn’t open,
Your hands couldn’t feel
But do not worry this makes you closer to the things, which matter most

You were the sun and I was the forest,
You offered me endless love but the trees withered
New trees will grow and your love will live forever

You were the sky and I was the land
We met over the eternal horizon


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