The Flame from Within

I was a golden man, rich yet naïve.
Money flowed out of pockets yet I was estranged.
Estranged from my Grandma’s wise words of wisdom,
my son’s cheery laughs and her,
the one with a glint on the fourth finger,
the one who was the greatest mistake in my life

The grandiose home along with pink wallpaper and sycamore panels
The lustrous diamonds of my chandelier
And then it hit

My son strapped in his wings
Flew over the horizon, the horizon of my world, our world
And then the wax of our connection melted
He fell down to the land of common folk
And then into the ocean
A land of misfits, of misers and a land of meek
And then he swam to the light only to know it burned out

I remember the day well, the bloody rope, the last sparkle in his eyes,
And then came the winter
The winter in her heart
The snakes in her hair, the gaze of her eyes
And then she left me like a stone statue
She walked out the door with a rose only to give moments later

And then my mother came, making me move again
The numbers on the page, the numbers I needed to pay
I begged her, she told me to wait
I scoffed at her

The hole in the wall, red lay everywhere
His last words, vengeance from my bloody hands
And then came the broken windows

The rugged texture of my shall
The frigid feel of the tiles
Snow between my toes

1 hard year passed
Trudging through the snow filled streets
The large storefront once the gateway to my world

And than I sat in the snow, reminiscing

My birthday, oh so many years ago.
The time we all sat at a round table.
My father’s words of wisdom, my uncle’s firm handshakes
The refined taste of champagne as an aperitif
And then the double doors open

Steaming trays of ham and carrots
The clink of the glasses, the looking through the window
And then dessert

Delectable trays of Danishes and strudels
And then my little gateaux with a candle in the centre
The red of the icing
The full moon peering over the window
And then I blow the candle

One day later, New Year’s Day
2 young men found the old man.

They did not know his name or his family
but they felt the heart and it was cold, the flame had burned out.


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