Monthly Archives: December 2014

Earth’s Sky

The sun paints its golden radiance in the sky
An obscure moon gives birth to a thousand stars
Earth, sickly, sleeps like a child in the midst of winter

Empty Road

When my hand felt yours,
It was the union of earth and sky

And when the earth slept,
When the snow fell in a thousand arrows,
My hand hid itself in your hair’s nest
You etched on my body as if a canvas

I find myself in you like a sea
I want to caress the way the night caresses a star
Love you like a child loves summer

So intoxicated with roses,
Afraid of dust and lime
I search for your silver footsteps,
Golden hair strewn
Across the forest floor



The earth sleeps like a poor sunny-faced child.
In the deep flesh of the jungle,
Forbidden fruit hangs high;

Trees steal the stars’ passions.
Sea assaults sky,
Darkness covers the vagrant soul.

The spider laces her dream weaver
The sick miner rests under my forlorn branches.
His heart pricked by the fecund rose

The night is dark and stars fall to the earth
The eyes of lust are green,
He wears dark shadows, to cover orange fiery rage

A panther hungry for youth, for freedom, flesh,
Searching like a brumal dream for insomniacs,
A river looking for a rose


Wild girl of the night
Adorned in Heaven’s diamonds
Her skirt dances in the wind

The clouds tore the sky apart
And she rose like smoke from ash

Her acute eyes burned in her soul’s fire
Her coral lips sung as the wind
And I hungered like a blind man