Anonymous Severing


I. I would ensconce my eyes

And exist in padlocked souls


II. Her womb only bore shadows

She was a carousel in a sea of rollercoasters


III. Quartz moon coalescing

Into a crystal ball of shadowy séances


IV. Butterflies morph into syringes

Bullets undulating from clandestine graves of scythes


V. Everything is a miracle of despair; everything is burdened then emptied

Great River of hoarse bells giggling between irises and toenails


VI. Night lashes me with its sash of smoke

It girdles the arteries of a clotting hope


VII. My sister weeping as if the earth within a long slumber

Till then her roots ache, her heart of anchors in the dead ocean


VIII. Sing, dance and consume fleshy questions of the sand

Queen of pocket-watches, clockwork moon-throb


IX. My mother left for Rasputin in an overcoat of despair

Numbered, honeyed, Love will set her free from the Beautiful Beast


X. I existed in the book of brine, between indents and margins

Dying from the moon’s blood staining my graphite compass


XI. Because I dis-imagined you

Oblivion in graveyards, wombs, voices


XII. Because of abrupt storms of ivy on grade schools

Where a gramophone in a rose vinyl sounds


XIII. When your green eyes close into nuptial dreams

I wake into midnight alleys, memories reeling, penetrating abstinent skin


XIV. As you begin to dream

I rise in misery


XV. So aloof that reciprocity died on Sunday,

Anguish’s waves engulfed the world’s lighthouse and our hearts


XVI. My soul is a belfry assaulting virgin skies

And you my eyelids, shutters severing the sky of its fishy nets


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