Monthly Archives: January 2015

Castle in the Sky

The birds follow the distant tune of your song
And when I exclaim your name the stars as if lamps
Bring light to the avenues of the sky

On this solemn night I speak every word and phrase
“Your eyes are diamonds”, “I want you as the earth longs for April”
But love never crosses the threshold of my lips

Love belongs to the soul yet I am alone when you are not in my arms.
The night is dark and solemn; the magician has hidden all the light
The stars fall into deep slumber, the sun no longer let’s the moon
Continue her fraud

I am dressed in your embraces, satiated by your sonnets
And I wait on a bed of sand

The night grows antsy and flees on a boat of violets
Light breaks through the pines as a rabble of butterflies
Rising me to her Castle in the Sky


I do not

I do not see the mountains that glow of iron, iron that my soul hungers for
Or the moon that burns like a candle above rows and rows of stars

I do not hear the trees whisper of me and you, the fire burns the sonnet,
The night roars like a panther, hunting for the gazelle of my dream

I do not feel your breast in my hands, your peachy lips on my lips
or even your fire in my soul

Like the wind that follows the butterfly,
Like the child trails a mother
You guide me from the intoxicating pines,

From the sea of glass
From the dark cedar groves of my childhood

To the zenith where I grow faster than before,
Where love brings us garlands of kisses and marigolds
Where earth and sky coalesce


Earth of heart, Water of soul
Fire of eyes, Air of Freedom