Monthly Archives: April 2016

The Crazy Night Drowns in Your Tears


Running into everyone

I fall into you

The moon discards her

Jar of miracles in the despair

Night is a saddle

For our abandoned dreams

Here, there:

Cemeteries of silenced objects

Gallop on the coast of your lips

You mine my life’s depths with

An extinguished star


Death Came Out of Autumn’s Closet


We are murderers

Since we kill time,

Clocks wear our hands

Rivers sing with your mouth

The stars




I have never ventured within

An airport but for your eyes

I lived in myself till

I found myself

Dead City


We are waterproof

To happiness

Your eyes are lonely mills

Churning tears

A city is

Sprouting from your chest

Nobody lives there

We are all named nobody

Spring swallowed the moon

Before dreaming

You came from the nothingness

Since you made everything



Between hands and lips, lips and hands

There are fields

Brimming with yesterdays

Sprouting to hourglasses

Today goes on milling itself-

Seconds maturing into hours

The star hides her flour sack

In your hair

We buy the future in dozens

Of days, months, years, hands

Because Night Collapses On Our Dreams


Because night collapses

On our dreams

You make the struggle

From mountains

The moon goes on milling voices

And mining eyes

It is dancing in the stillness

We sing in the silence

You make my life

With the earth

And from a birdcage

Without any birds