Snap #4 nothing by nobody

Life is a wife and peace is her niece.

The Us-bus goes between a friend-ship and a relation-ship.

Immigrants to new hearts need to learn the language of love.

I wear genes in my blood cell.

Friendships can’t enter the hate-state.

You can’t drink fear when driving your life.

The internet is fast food for the mind.

Egos are cannibals and souls are vegans.

When finding love don’t park your bye-ke next to the fire hi-drant   

Love triangle exists between heart, mind, soul.


1 thought on “Snap #4 nothing by nobody

  1. Balabhadra Costain

    AJ, your creations are noticeably mature and insightful; although for me lacking and thus not providing how your insights relate to the improvement in my life. Would like to learn more from your experience that would improve my experience with my engagement with reality. “Keep up the good.”



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