I am 16 #CanadianTeenAuthor and really enjoy writing, especially poetry and short stories. My first book TIME CAPSULE is available on Amazon and other book stores.

I have written this collection of poetry and prose over the course of last three years and it has become the time capsule of my teenagehood. At first poetry was my refuge from high school, its challenges and several unfortunate circumstances. Shortly after, the Ideas with Ink website was born and the writing became a passion and a hobby.

I draw my inspirations from the everyday experiences, my dreams, my worries about who I am and whom I ought to become, the exploration of my future paths and the impact that I can make in this world.

I am fluent in a few languages and come from a multicultural upbringing, which helps me to have a new fresh perspective on everyday and historic events, feelings and emotions.

I am passionate about human rights issues, including LGBTQ, minorities and feminism.

Follow me on Twitter: @ideaswithink, Google+ @Ideas with Ink, Facebook @Ideaswithink, Instagram

What people say about my writing:

“He is extremely vivid in his imagination and word choices, which draw from his experiences and aspirations. He is not scared to experiment with forms and literary devices without thinking about any accepted writing norms, making his work interesting and provoking.”

“All the insecurities and hopes that any modern teenager has he channels into his poetry and creates beautiful work.”

“His honesty and sincerity can appeal to any reader.”

Hope, you enjoy my Blog!

Aj1300 aka Ideas With Ink


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