Monthly Archives: May 2016



Earth serves us

Divorce papers

Then, Saturn

Was the ring bearer

We were islands

Boats fissured from destiny

We are countries

Bordered with destiny

Tie your future to mine

And we will weave banners of life

Everyone is caught

In the dream catcher

Of themselves


We are all Kings and Queens

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 6.50.06 PM

You reign in the

Depths of my heart

I drown

In the river of voices

Beyond the bed

Second-hand dreams are refunded

I hitchhike your hips

In my name’s overcoat

Everybody goes on reaping memories

On the road to their happiness

You rain in the

Depths of my heart

Earth’s Guitar is out of Tune


Night is a vending machine

Of stars

Infinity caged you

You encaged infinity

Endless sidewalks lead to a kiss

Only the highway snakes to solitude

Two dreamers dream one dream

One dreamer dreams two dreams

You plant glass flowers

In the moon’s jar

I refund my happiness

For an unused heart