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Dark Light

The stars move around
The moon
As if a clock

The stars are ghosts
In the sky
Ghosts in robes
Of golden chaff
Blown across the hazy night

The head of darkness is
The sky
And each star is an eye
With these eyes I see the
With the eyes I weep
I solemnly swear

The light exists as if it shares
The stage with the ghosts
In the neglected theatre
Of the abandoned city

Where only the passionless woman
As a sea mercilessly
Pulled by moonlight
Resides in the city of shadows

Where only the meanderer travels
Through it’s empty mind
Rooms filled with broken clocks
And books in murdered languages

Past manors
Whose chandeliers
Scoff at him
And whose ovens would pile their ash on him
Where doors lie closed
And windows conceal the photos of the past

Abandoned Past
as if light
Rests on the strings of time

In large parks
Spring weeps and willows grow
Winter smiles and bluebells sprout

Past homeless houses
Through a dark city
Where the night is crowned
And stars thrive

And he leaves the heartless city
into the soulless sea


Died with the Wind

She came and went like spring
Lighting up the villages in my soul

Angels were born from the darkness of chasms
Infants born in still waters were death bathed

She was covered in winter’s tears
And she rose, that child of love
To become woman of passion

But her passion outgrew her
And she died because she could no longer love
She didn’t have the key to enter the city of life

The eyes of my soul
Became obsolete in the infinite darkness
And my lands
Chilled by winter fell into deep sleep

Sonnet of the Night

The artist paints all the leaves on trees green once again

The flowers of hope wither in abandoned fields
The wind brings tunes from faraway mountain villages

Day performs her last notes, summer writes his last stanzas

From the moist lips of the night fall stars
Into the river’s mouth turning it brilliant gold

Tall shadows lurk over empty forest paths
Reflections sleep on the brink of seas

The rain of oblivion falls onto her soul,
Splitting their hands from one another

The trees carry me into the never-ending sky
And from their tips I see the pious moon

The night’s wings guide me through the silence
To the otherworldly song sung from a distant summit

Visions of the Night

Night puts the humble shepherd and his flock to sleep
The wind sings it’s angelic tune
And the stars form icons

The violets join the sleeping roses
And tall colonnades of trees shiver

Above stars shine valiantly
On the altarpiece of the night

And under where stars bathe and the moon looks at herself
A child emerges from the motionless waters as young as time itself
He is the voice of spring, a soul of the land

A Sonnet of Longing

The wind with its tunes from the villages in valley depths
Hushed him to sleep on beds of bleeding geraniums

Moonlight blanketed his shawls and soul

On paths gracefully lit by comets
Tall shadows and lost children walked

The stars shone valiantly as if crosses
On the altarpiece of the night

All of them shone on him
And in the dreams of all the crestfallen children he rose to the summit

In search of the angelic voice that guided him through the realm of the night
As the night fell to his soul it was as if her kisses caressed his cheeks

Through dark forests haunted by forgotten wishes he trudged
With every footstep
Her voice grew more vivid and full of life, The voice of a mother’s longing


images mourning
Child warmed by love
Never shivering in my heart’s obscurity

Covered in ash
The blood trickles from my heart
Into yours

Dearest Boy
Climb from the waters
Where death left you

Look for our home
Draped in the blue of my tears
Which will whiten in your presence

The trees asleep in winter’s magic
Will bring forth apples
As golden as your smiles

Hummingbirds will flutter to your voice
As if the voice of spring

Do not look for algae that
Blooms on the brinks of seas
Or the bright long strias of the sun
But for golden hair in the wind

Do not search for
Fires that breath in the dry winter air
Or for crosses in the skies
But for my warmth

My arms will embrace you
My lips will kiss you on our soft cheeks
But place your heart on mine

I am an old fruitless tree
Or a flowerless field

You are to me
Like a star to the sky

Dreams Soaked in Purple Rain

The day bestowed me the right to live
The sun to love
The sky to dream
The moon to feel
The stars to remember

Silence is murdered by a chorus
Darkness by rows of lights
Emptiness with a kiss from the girl under the snow
Soberness with the scent of an evergreen

Lonely paths
Covered footsteps
Shivering dreams
And souls

In the empty sky a star shines
On the tree one leaf stands
In the child’s chorus an angel sings among

And your heavenly voice
Guides me past temptresses
And gold coins
Past paradise and warm bright city lights

Into a shadow where a rose weeps
As we fall from it into the night sky

As we collect stars
And sleep on moon rock

As we weep on the moon
And encircle the sun

As the sunrise comes
I sent you on the last comet
To a distant planet

To sleep in violets
To be dressed in violet
And purple rain to wash your soul

Violet the colour of anguish and tenderness
The shade of sad beauty

Under the Waves

The cross of the sun gleams on the waves
Like her love on my soul

The night weeps
I lay her in the bed of fallen stars
And of lotuses

And soon he runs from heart to heart
From lover to lover

Those Who Live

imgres those who live
Those who dance on the stage of Life
Those who sing in alabaster coats

Those who paint the Creator and His Creations
Those who write about first loves and of eternal longing

Those who live in God’s reflections, on sun kissed soil
Those who sleep in His ocean beds

Eyes that open, Eyes that close

Soul Love

I love you like the silvery veins of the moon
The clusters of palms in the vagrant desert

I love you as something impalpable
Like what that lives in the lips
But can only be felt by the soul

In every star lie your narrow, moist eyes
In every ocean lie your wet lips
In every sunray lie your golden locks

Do not smile for me
Just flutter your eyes

Do not bring me to the full stage of June
Rather to the empty scene of October

Do not bring me to the staleness of your lips
But to the freshness of your soul

I want to be an ocean
And you the little waves that caress me