Visions of the Night

Night puts the humble shepherd and his flock to sleep
The wind sings it’s angelic tune
And the stars form icons

The violets join the sleeping roses
And tall colonnades of trees shiver

Above stars shine valiantly
On the altarpiece of the night

And under where stars bathe and the moon looks at herself
A child emerges from the motionless waters as young as time itself
He is the voice of spring, a soul of the land


1 thought on “Visions of the Night

  1. Balabhadra

    aj, I enjoyed. To me your creation is capturing the eternal amidst the change. I hope you don’t mind a comment? I would change the last line to “a Soul in the land”. This would express the persistent emergence of the solitary Soul in the worldly “land” of change. What do you think?

    Keep ’em coming. – ub



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