Monthly Archives: October 2014


He said goodbye to day and night
Darkness and Light
Freedom and Fight


In the simple night
My soul searches for your fire

And your song as if the wind
Travels through my ailing body

From my quay your
Majestic galleon departed

Until death as if the wind
Drove you to the drunken coasts of life

I circle the unyielding winds
And the never-ending horizon

Holding the mother-like hand of the wind
The smoke covers my shameful face

Walking on destiny’s path
Without the impalpable star of love

Until the destitute leaves of autumn
Cover the ashes of my faithful heart



Under fallen stars she slumbers
Under the hushed rustle of autumn

Empty like the skies of winter
Full like the day where love met her

Simple in possession like spring
Rich in valour and spirit like a hymn

Neither asleep nor awake
One hand full of golden chaff
Another reaching for the splendours of the sky

Listening to the church rhythm and nature’s pulse
Gentling succumbing to the woes of life
With all freedom and without any
Freedom is the greatest aspiration


I search for the burning fragrance of the rose
Under the curtains of the sky
Above the roofs of forests
For your spring-like voice
For your mother like hand

I love my eyes for they saw you
I love my arms for they felt you
I love my soul for it understood you

Love is a rose
A rose seen only by the eyes of the soul
Lust feeds the eyes
But love is a song of the soul

Love is a red
As the passion of blood
Love is a wine that trickles into the mouth
That spreads like a rage

Love is a silken robe
White as a child’s conscience
Floating on the water’s of life

Love is a dreamy star in the skies of reality
A breath in our lives

I was young in your arms
And an inferno blazed in my heart
And my lonely soul grew sickly
Without yours

For these moments of love, grow roses
That lift us from the simple earthy hands
To join stars, the soul of the skies

In these cool autumn nights we found love and lost love
Until two distant stars
Were born into the sun

Sonnet of Longing

I search for you in abandoned theatres
In the rivers of sweet sublime sounds

Daughter of infinite passion, of unending love

Death was the train that traversed
The time riddled paths of your soul

You were the star that warmed glacial lakes
and bitter hands

You were the light that guided souls into the skies
And darkness filled your soul

To motherless children you lower your tender hands
In the climax of winter you sing of sweet spring

I lift you from the hard, poverty stricken face of the earth
Into the otherworldly skies

Shining valiantly like a cross on the slender altar of the night

Departed Love

The gulls of your brows drunken with salt and passion
Fly into the never-ending sky

The vessels of your smiles thick with oils
Cruise into the incessant seas

Your diamond eyes fall into the waters
Your golden sun-rays from sky to sea

And soon there comes a point when I must let the struggling bird free
And you intoxicated with freedom, chase day’s justice

You part the circle of my arms
And the rim of my world

The flowers of love wilt without your soul-water
And like a starless sky I wait

My soul chilled by winter and my eyes dimed by darkness
Stay motionless in the eve of your departure

And these great lands fall asleep
With the opiate of unrequited love