I search for the burning fragrance of the rose
Under the curtains of the sky
Above the roofs of forests
For your spring-like voice
For your mother like hand

I love my eyes for they saw you
I love my arms for they felt you
I love my soul for it understood you

Love is a rose
A rose seen only by the eyes of the soul
Lust feeds the eyes
But love is a song of the soul

Love is a red
As the passion of blood
Love is a wine that trickles into the mouth
That spreads like a rage

Love is a silken robe
White as a child’s conscience
Floating on the water’s of life

Love is a dreamy star in the skies of reality
A breath in our lives

I was young in your arms
And an inferno blazed in my heart
And my lonely soul grew sickly
Without yours

For these moments of love, grow roses
That lift us from the simple earthy hands
To join stars, the soul of the skies

In these cool autumn nights we found love and lost love
Until two distant stars
Were born into the sun


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