Under fallen stars she slumbers
Under the hushed rustle of autumn

Empty like the skies of winter
Full like the day where love met her

Simple in possession like spring
Rich in valour and spirit like a hymn

Neither asleep nor awake
One hand full of golden chaff
Another reaching for the splendours of the sky

Listening to the church rhythm and nature’s pulse
Gentling succumbing to the woes of life
With all freedom and without any
Freedom is the greatest aspiration


3 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. Balabhadra

    aj, this is a powerful poem which to this reader captures the tension between what is and what is not. It appears you are increasingly becoming aware of the non-absolutist nature of reality and the absolutist resolution which results by the author presenting its dynamic and challenging the reader’s consciousness to complete the dynamic by entering into and experiencing the fulfillment of the effect of nothingness. Great poem.



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