He said goodbye to day and night
Darkness and Light
Freedom and Fight

2 thoughts on “Goodbye

  1. Balabhadra

    aj1300: If only it were that simple. If I am intuitively understanding your message, it is rather matter of fact. Here is a question: How do you say “Goodbye” to an eternity? We are trapped in this reality with only one escape that is everlasting, which is: We must be “warriors” and finish our mission of liberation from this mundane, sorrowful, worldly life. A more complete understanding of reality brings the realization that “victory” is there for the “courageous”. Say “Goodbye” to this worldly delusion and utter a joyous “Hello” to the inexpressible nature of our eternal, Divine Soul-“AAtmaa”.

    Looking forward to your next creation and your articulated expression of your struggle toward the everlasting.

    Your ardent fan – ub


  2. Balabhadra

    “Freedom and Fight” is right!! We must be warriors in our fight for everlasting freedom from this cycle of birth, life and death. In the world of “matter” this is known as the cycle of creation, preservation, and destruction.



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