Dreams Soaked in Purple Rain

The day bestowed me the right to live
The sun to love
The sky to dream
The moon to feel
The stars to remember

Silence is murdered by a chorus
Darkness by rows of lights
Emptiness with a kiss from the girl under the snow
Soberness with the scent of an evergreen

Lonely paths
Covered footsteps
Shivering dreams
And souls

In the empty sky a star shines
On the tree one leaf stands
In the child’s chorus an angel sings among

And your heavenly voice
Guides me past temptresses
And gold coins
Past paradise and warm bright city lights

Into a shadow where a rose weeps
As we fall from it into the night sky

As we collect stars
And sleep on moon rock

As we weep on the moon
And encircle the sun

As the sunrise comes
I sent you on the last comet
To a distant planet

To sleep in violets
To be dressed in violet
And purple rain to wash your soul

Violet the colour of anguish and tenderness
The shade of sad beauty


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