images mourning
Child warmed by love
Never shivering in my heart’s obscurity

Covered in ash
The blood trickles from my heart
Into yours

Dearest Boy
Climb from the waters
Where death left you

Look for our home
Draped in the blue of my tears
Which will whiten in your presence

The trees asleep in winter’s magic
Will bring forth apples
As golden as your smiles

Hummingbirds will flutter to your voice
As if the voice of spring

Do not look for algae that
Blooms on the brinks of seas
Or the bright long strias of the sun
But for golden hair in the wind

Do not search for
Fires that breath in the dry winter air
Or for crosses in the skies
But for my warmth

My arms will embrace you
My lips will kiss you on our soft cheeks
But place your heart on mine

I am an old fruitless tree
Or a flowerless field

You are to me
Like a star to the sky


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