Empty Road

When my hand felt yours,
It was the union of earth and sky

And when the earth slept,
When the snow fell in a thousand arrows,
My hand hid itself in your hair’s nest
You etched on my body as if a canvas

I find myself in you like a sea
I want to caress the way the night caresses a star
Love you like a child loves summer

So intoxicated with roses,
Afraid of dust and lime
I search for your silver footsteps,
Golden hair strewn
Across the forest floor


1 thought on “Empty Road

  1. Balabhadra

    AJ, Really enjoyed both Empty Road and Wild. Your creations indicate greater maturity as the artist matures. And along with the maturity the reader’s maturity is drawn into the created images. I like the romantic journey that you invite us to take with you. Nice, nice, nice! Looking forward.



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