A Soul is a Sea

I wore a coat of lily pads
Raining over me were her words, her last words
So hard they poured until a little sparrow
Of hope signalled and doves flew through the air

She buried our flame
In the cemetery of broken loves
And made our path seedy and untraversable
And the windows where we declared our love
No longer lived

My body was growing larger
My mind stranger
But my soul was still, still as a sea on the dawn of spring

Her soul was black and feathered
In the midst of the night she flew away from me
With the sunrise came the blooming of a lotus
And the aroma filled the senses with a new beginning

Your soul was melting on the seaside
Waves bring the sand and soul into
The sea, my sea

We search for pearls
Love, happiness are little gems
In the far stretches of Neptune’s realm

We search for many moments
While you stash kisses from me in seashells
And I hide secrets in bubbles
Many waves pass
We look for those miracles

But they are like mirages dancing in African sand
For the sea is tarnished with the blood of unfaithfulness
And soon it is the sea of blood

Their love dissipates like sea foam
Over the ocean of eternal longing
And their lasting thoughts
Disappear with the winter wind


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