Two Lips, One Heart

One winter night
The vagrant stars danced to please
And the moon glowed vividly

She lay on the hostile pavement
Asleep as the snow brought forth a coat

As if she had swallowed the whole moon
And moonbeams danced from her soul
through her skin to her shadow

I tried to soothe her body
To feel what a first kiss was
As if our lips were one

To fill her mind
With African Sands
And the Wild west

To feel her soul
I had to be daring, bold
Because the winter may
Have left her to sleep in eternity

Running far from town
Into the foothills

The flowers were asleep, their bulbs closed
I took the nearest one
Nestling it in her locks

I dove in the deepest ocean
And stole the oyster’s greatest treasure
Positioning the pearl upon her tongue

And I entered the tallest tower
Climbing to the summit
Where I plucked one of the stars
Placing it in her palm

In the cold I too fell asleep
And in the morning
Our eyes met

Her hair was radiating
Like the rays of the sun

The flowers had opened
It’s Petals as if they were the body
And the centre the soul

The star had turned to a diamond
And lay shimmering upon her finger

The pearl had dissolved on her tongue
And she began to stammer and soon speak
Her first words expressed her longing to dance

I opened my arms and my heart
And we danced to our heartbeat
And to the sun’s glow
Through the day

And the ogre of winter
His heart of ice
Falls onto the pavement
Shattering into pieces

The ice retreats and the water
Carries him far from here

The maiden of spring has arrived
And he dances with her
So passionately, so vividly
As time lingered on


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