The Birch Tree

The light dances on your leaves
In your timid shadow it sleeps

Your leaves are drunk with sunshine
And with the scent of spring

O, birch tree, birch tree
It is through your eyes I see the world
It is your trunk that I caress
It is as if your roots keep me here

Your bark is like the city gates
Or the key to your soul
To your leaves
To your little eyes
Imprinted on your skin

One day I saw a spectacle
As you permeated the sky
The sea embraced you
Birch Tree

Every day our eyes met
Maiden in a rose coat
And a beret of butterflies
We waltzed around her
As you danced with the wind

She vanished and left her child
As we flew with the sparrows
And basked in the sun’s glow
But the summer child left me too

We meet again

But now you are faded
And wearing a coat of oblivion
Your soul has become impalpable
Your body vagrant

The trees despise you
For you separated them
From their possessions
Lady Autumn

But you spare those leaves
Those Dancing Leaves
As the trees lose
What they value most
You are separated
From the forum
Of life and love

For the ogre of winter
Banishes all in her trunk
In winter the leaves
Still linger on you

From the woodpecker opening
We see her comrades part
For the men murder them

Through the panes
We see them stand for another night
With seemingly more life
than in you birch tree

When dusk brings day
They are only corpses
But from the corpses sprout their children

And as the ice retreats
We parade through the trees
And the birch fosters the young
Born in winter


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