Shadows and Reflections

His body lies in the black crepe of the night
In a bed of rocks in the river of tears

His mind is drunk with fame’s wine
And tainted with your love
As it shivered like the trees in winter
In a hideaway, in the nation’s soul

And his soul, tinged with the darkness of night
Flutters like a little butterfly in the endless sands of sin

He danced to the sunrise, sung with the sparrows
And listened with passion to the sunset’s ode

It was once figments but he made it reality
The children of life
Showed him that Mother Nature dreamt of sparrows
The young maiden of the morning fantasized of sunrises
And the little stars that shimmer at twilight
Dreamt of sunsets

But God dreamt of all and created all
All of the sparrows, the sunrises and sunsets
He gave life to Mother Nature,
the Morning Maiden,
the Dancing Stars
And invented Love, Beauty, Nature

Nature, Love are God’s reflections
Places where He looks to Himself
But under each reflection lies a shadow
A place that God neglects
Vanity, Ugliness is this shadow

For every flicker of beauty
Lies a candle of vices
For every dream of His
A nightmare shudders His mind

For every picture shot
One vanishes
For every life given
One disappears

And eventually the night erased all the remnants
Of the hopeless man
Of the dreamless man


1 thought on “Shadows and Reflections

  1. Balabhadra

    aj, I like this poem. It has a poignant, lingering effect. The beginning is wonderfully beautiful, the ending is intriguing and disturbing. Does the darkness erase the hopeless and dreamless man and yet leave the hopeful and dreaming man? Could your poem include mention of the darkness not having an effect on the hopeful and the dreamer? As you know, I’ve got a big hang-up on counteracting the despair that occurs when the scope of reality is not presented in its fullest, which would include the reasons to dream and be hopeful. Great work aj!!



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