The Child’s Decalogue

I. Let the inner child bleed, bleed to near death and then out will come a man, a man with lion’s blood and a mighty roar

II. Your father is a king and your mother is a queen, but for you their smiles are inferior to that of a stranger’s.

III. As a child I had money, courage but no freedom, now I have no money, some courage but an endless sea of freedom

IV. Feel love and admire beauty, live in the reflection of God, do not cross into His shadow of hatred and of vanity

V. Many trees grow in clusters, warming one another but the one I notice shivers alone

VI. Money, Beauty are fleeing horses, Integrity is a dog at his master’s feet

VII. Paint on the canvas of life, the crisp red of a first love, the ocean blue of longing. Let the sun dance upon the painting and absorb all, all of your passions and dreams

VIII. You will rise up to the mountains with your greatest moments and descend to the valleys with your worst blunders, the wind of other’s actions and the rain of other’s words will make you come down from the mountain, you will find iron in those valleys and you will climb up, in both of these situations you will arrive onto the meadow of a merely mundane existence.

IX. Our life is built on contrasts, of a beginning and an end, of love and hatred, but all of us can be united in happiness and love, dancing around the everlasting flame

X. Accomplish all you can in the day and all that you have forgotten hides in the twilight. The forgotten soon vanishes as valiant cavaliers into the dead of the night.


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