Here I Bade Farewell

Here I bade farewell
Leaves of love have fallen
From my soul
And our love
Runs wild
In the meadow of mundanity

In late November
Where the frost
Covers the moral compass
Where the light is dim
Where the flame is flickering

I asked the Lord
For your tender hands
Tender as the sweet
That seduced us

I asked Him
For your moist lips
Moist as the sea
The sea of my tears
That separates our souls

But our shadows
On the fervent waves
As if one

I asked the sun
To shine on
Destiny’s road
But it slept in vanity

I asked the stars
To radiate
The endless tears in the sky
But the bright city lights
Murdered their passions

I soon realized
You were a horse
That left the July sun
To be blinded by November

I crafted a vessel
From your soul’s ice
And set you upon
The never-ending river

Where the rain of word’s
Chilled your corpse
But the snow
As if it were a sad song
Quivered your soul

Soon you were a sonata
In the harmony of life
A star that shines in the day
And sleeps in the endless night

As I winced
I saw the sunset, which framed you
As you set a kiss upon a swallow
That journeys from soul to soul

I pray to the Lord
For a final note
As I run into the forest
And find the water
Your heart needs

I moisten your heart with
The water of youth
Only to realize
I had journeyed to the sea of tears

As I bathe my longing in the river
And place it
Into the sun’s golden locks

As it blackens the sun’s soul
And under the twilight
We exchange kisses

The river takes you
Through the sea of tears
And as the boat melts
Our love plunges
Into the sea
Of corpses

It is only in
The eternal sun
Do I meet a hand so tender
And lips so moist
And a fire so warm


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