The Sun is a Star

I drew comet streaks
Across your long blazing locks
And crowned you with burned-out stars

As the tower has it’s clock piece
The day has your radiant light and burning soul

The day has you as if you are mother spring
And I have you as madame autumn

I chiselled away the moon
and pulled you into my hands
As We danced through the stars
like little lights that flicker
On the brim of seas

But you my love, my freedom, my light
You left me to be with father day,
to chase chronos around
The beds of water and the blankets of land,
to roll on the horizon
Like a coin on the pavement

In all my rage, my failing passion, my crumbling love,
I weep as meteors tumble
I cry as purple rain falls
I shudder and a star tumbles off the dome of the universe
I shiver and the trees lose their coats

Soon my eyes as if far away planets,
Take one last glimpse of the river
Rusted with copper

Above, the silver veins of the moon bleed starlight
And I as the sonata of the night
Disappear in the harmony of dawn
To join the sunrise’s fresco


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