Raining Time and Bleeding Love

The sun withers, the moon grows
A day fights another but a night bows to the next
Look into the night sky, find the vibrant stars
They are not shaking in the sky
For the brightest star dances within

Let my mind, my body, to feel age, seasons
But let sparrows perch in my soul,
let children polka to my heart beat,

Sow seeds of love in our minds,
Teach us what is love, man of piety, of grace
Let these roses never lose colour,
Never fade from our paradise of desires

Flowers of love, never of lust
They long water and sunshine

Love brings water to the soul,
Lust brings wine to our mind
Love brings souls together,
Lust – a body atop another
Love warms the heart,
Lust incites the eyes
Love is of eternity,
Lust lasts a moment

100 kisses may leave nothing more than a stain
But a smile of an instant can last half a century

Swim in the rivers of life; bask in the sun of youth
Climb many summits, cross many paths
Dance, my dearest; grow, my strongest
Feel to the fullest, my wisest
Dance in colour, with violet and pink until
The sun of youth is covered by clouds and
The thoughts, the actions of adults rain over your head
to ravage the only world those eyes have ever witnessed,


1 thought on “Raining Time and Bleeding Love

  1. Balabhadra

    aj1300, to me this is a very fine poem, maybe your best to date. And this may be because you are becoming increasingly personal and revealing with your writing. It is an enriching poem which raises one’s spirit and ignites therein the positive. However, the last few lines cause deflation of that spirit:
    “The sun of youth is covered by clouds and
    The thoughts, the actions of adults rain over your head
    to ravage the only world those eyes have ever witnessed,
    However, the positive of this is the fundamental message for you. The true artist must not only articulate the shocking events of reality, the artist (you) must find the reality that offers transcendence. With your writing you must be the ray of hope and direction for others of your generation who also relate to the affect of the world of despair which surrounds us all. The path of transcendence is there, and the wisdom and logic is there for you to practice and make it your own and your foundation for being the artist whose writings instill in the Soul of your readers peace, love, and optimism (as did the earlier lines of your poem). Your destiny is becoming more clear. This is your personal opportunity to embark on the journey toward truth, the joy of Self discovery and transcendence, and the joy of relating your empowering discovery to others. That is what the world needs and what has been given by the everlasting creations of the “great artist”. Be as happy for yourself as I am happy for you!!! – UB (a fan)



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