A Clock in Paradise

Take a breath
Close your eyes
And enter

Past Lilly cups, daffodils
I have waited so long next to melted clocks
Dreams wither so quickly
But the showers save a withering rose

Do not wade away, do not sail away
My dear never to freeze, my flame is here

Rest in my meadows
Ride my rivers and roads
And find warmth in my sun’s glow

Light a flame in the night
And feel my presence

Smell my roses
And taste my golden apples

Spend Eternity here
Love will never wither
Never from your thoughts,
Never you away from me

You are a castaway
Without age,
Rich of my gifts
But what makes you long

The elms and the violets across the bay
The warmer sun and lighter clouds

I wanted to be the sparrow and you spring
But ah spring leaves the sparrow
And you leave my isle to another

Everyday I see you
And I wither
Until I am frail and barren

But you one day long for me
And sail across
But dear I am shivering among the stars


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