Wilted Roses and Shaking Stars

There they sat
Dear children of love
Silent but passionate, forbidden but free
Like the way rain nourishes the grass
Their love began as a drizzle but metamorphosed into a storm inside their hearts
A united flame

Her garden was a home to their love
In the night they became one
A midsummer’s night
Surrounded by roses and flames
These protected them
From the soldiers

Their love had no condition
But to the soldiers
Love was alien
The counting of bills
On the top of the pyramid of power
Their only preoccupation

These children held out for so long
So pure, so beautiful, so young, so pious

But the soldiers entered one day
The night can only stay so long
The summer only so much longer
The roses wilted and colour left them
The flame burned out
It was time, that fought with love

They looked to each as they were dragged away

A time where love was misunderstood

Here I walk, a wanderer without hope
Their love was anachronistic
A little piece of heaven in hell
A love bound by hearts
Not by lips
Or deep pockets

In another time
A love such as theirs will unfold
But our eyes may never catch a glimpse

Come my dearest
Through their garden
Pull the sun over the moon
Plant roses
Bring back mother spring
And light their flame
Look above
And you will see two stars shivering
So close to another as if a fire is between them


1 thought on “Wilted Roses and Shaking Stars

  1. Balabhadra

    Phew, aj1300, this posting is beautiful! The gentleness with which you write is soothing while you articulate the harshness of reality. And yet, you conclude with the positive and leave the reader with direction, certitude and hope. Again, you are the educator artist; gently inviting the reader into reality and providing the beautiful metaphor imagery which opens the heavens into self-resolution and transcendence. Your writing elevates one’s consciousness and thereby one’s Soul. Congratulations and please continue.



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