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Love Sonnets: Winter

The sky weeps in the form of echoing gramophones:
Vinyl of rustic poppies, bluesy-rain tune, carillon-static

That night, whitening street sweepers; salting confectionaries
I mediate in drowned swimmer-arms of fires,
Rosy wines of tree-trunks, hosiery of stained glass

I loved you and you loved me more, in the verdant desert!
You are the sole habitant on my isle of caresses
And your eyes, lakes encircling with a sleepy aroma of gulls

This whole world becomes alien again
My longing, no longer mortal but I am still rooted
To underbellies of insomniac, twilight-hushed cities

River of suffering
Emptying into the ocean of the dead
I loved you, still: sublime, shivering star


Love Sonnets: Autumn

You are clenching the flower
My brumal heart yearns for,
Dove of warring-eyes,
Bread: nourishing groins,
Heaping nectarines seizing
The windowsills of your mouth with fervor

Merger of fury and melancholy
Oh, awning of pities, flowering avenues
With barefoot bicycles, a nude Cadillac

Smoke’s sash girdling the reverberating lamppost
Heaving voices, curdling tongues
Moon fastened to obituaries
Fleeting world in which we are but timetables;
Shadowy trains vacating the luminous soul

Love Sonnets: Summer

Here, upon coils transfusing despair,
We alighted: pigeons in dusk, pigeons over dawn
Entombed within golden steeples
Amid the spread of days
Emerging upon the cloud-napery,
Mountaintop wicks, sorrows for bowls, hands for hands

Odor of nostalgia infused,
From waking and slumbers
Among daydreams of spindles and thyme

I called you Andromeda with infinite-crystal tenderness
And anguish’s waves liquidated your sweetness
As if a port. You were in everything, filling everything:
Torn hearts, lovemaking dewdrops, ivy-sufferings
I called you maniacal, Maria, Mary, mine

Love Sonnets: Spring

Your mouth recalls a little vessel of hyacinths
Fissured by simple rings, entwined in dreamy foam-
I caressing you fearlessly, your sad form of tallows, chrysalises

Among my shipwrecked heart
Throbbing as an aged atlas or undressing roses
You are my sole lighthouse, hope’s daughter
Instantaneous kindling of love’s inferno

Net of kisses where my fish of solitude sang
O frayed sand bosom, cupolas of cerulean shells

Vagrant birds pecking at thorny stars
A wave, slightly hoarse on the briny flag
Of my maritime territory with polders, brikes

Your mouth infiltrating my ironless heart,
With desire-weaving pincers of love’s mantle