Love Sonnets: Winter

The sky weeps in the form of echoing gramophones:
Vinyl of rustic poppies, bluesy-rain tune, carillon-static

That night, whitening street sweepers; salting confectionaries
I mediate in drowned swimmer-arms of fires,
Rosy wines of tree-trunks, hosiery of stained glass

I loved you and you loved me more, in the verdant desert!
You are the sole habitant on my isle of caresses
And your eyes, lakes encircling with a sleepy aroma of gulls

This whole world becomes alien again
My longing, no longer mortal but I am still rooted
To underbellies of insomniac, twilight-hushed cities

River of suffering
Emptying into the ocean of the dead
I loved you, still: sublime, shivering star


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