A Seeking

I searched for you through the skies of my dreams, the lakes of tears
The forests of my thoughts

My roots that sought an alien land
My star a new sky

Seeking lips and finding a soul
Wanting fire and drinking water

In these brumal times
Your green shelters me

My seamstress, you knit my dreams
My flower girl, bringing blue, ethereal flowers
Bringing garlands of kisses

Her arms destined to my lands with oils and fragrances
Of oranges and roses

Her hands: little butterflies
Orange and paper-like

The silver of her smile
The green of her eyes

Green like the forest
Where the barriers to our love fall like trees
Where lighting strikes like the insanity of love
Where the fire burns, one night and one only.

Her dress was not long
And violet
And deathlike

But rather yellow, like
Bees, Gold, Stars
Long and straight; Nature’s warriors
Stretched to the sun itself
To you, luminous and desirable

Here in the skies and pines we danced again


Fell like the world’s great plates to each other’s mercies
Villages ravaged except for the gingerbread town hall
Towns abandoned except for grandiose vessels
Great cities lay ruined except for silver churches
Nations far and wide desolate except for the dream factory,
Butterflies in transparent cases, ivy like secrets in the walls

Yet in these winters came springs greater and fuller
The gingerbread lost taste to rich cream
Flight came and left
The spire glowed golden
The ivy grew like obelisks and the butterflies
Carried the dreams far and wide

But found one another once
Like a child; a mother
Like a star, a soul: the sky

And lost once
He, consuming the desert sand
Oblivious to his coat of embraces wore his garment of tears

The vagabond searched like the dried river for the sea

Before night hushed the earth as winter
Broke dreams like glass
Tucked him into the earth as a mother

But he rose like a butterfly, his soul
Empty and solitary


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