The desert,
Long and unending like a serpent

Peopled with circus troupes and Gypsies
I too am forgotten, without a name, a home

The wind sings your name,
The stars dance in the arms of the night

The moon is full of light and I of loneliness
Above the sky you wait in a sea of resting stars

The moon is your heart,
Comets your long stringy hair

The stars one by one depart on a train
Of shadows

And I imagine I am the ruler of the desert,
Stepping on a sand tower to embrace you

As if I was the tide rising to the moon


1 thought on “Nameless

  1. Balabhadra

    This is a nice composition, aj. Gentle, strong, caring, positive, enriching, uplifting. This poem feels like the ebb and flow of the ocean waves caressing the shore of a distant land far from the encompassing turmoil. Looking forward …. .



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