Love and Lust

Our wires have been tweaked and twisted
To put lust over love

In dingy homes, foggy skies
Do we play with lust
Alone or with another

Lust is so often practiced
But love universally suppressed

Lust is readily available
A star in the countryside
But love is rare
Polaris shivering alone amid city lights

Lust is a faction of our mind
Readily available, carnations at a florist,

We are window watching
After some time in the bed
Wasted by dangerous obsessions

Through the window we see
Our families, friends, and acquaintances
The unknown belongs in cities

We were brave and cowardly, blissful and morose, fearless and fearful

We were like city dwellers, as all our brothers and sisters
Except we appear beautiful
But inside is nothing but hatred

Outside the village we see horses
White as mother’s milk, the milk of kindness

Through verdant valleys and snow capped peaks they travel
At dusk they arrive here
As they travel through our homes, shops, gardens

Those who are bound through lust, two board a horse
And so do we

Travelling west from Aurea
The day bows to night’s realm

We begin to experience something
Never felt in our hearts
Like the first snowfall

Lovers rule the night
Not bound by society
Free, wild

Light fights night
But on the plains it is dark, it is peaceful

As the night grows old the sun rises
And the horses leave us in a village quite like ours

Several more times we take the horses
But the horses leave one last time
And with them she leaves


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