Changing Volumes

It was an era of fantasy
Cotton candy clouds
Floating over the rainbow
But then the rain hit the trenches
A mass murder
Missionaries of Christ

The war ended the fantasy
Forbidden fruit tasted
Realists who worked to live
Forgetting fables for cabaret

Those kids now adults
A lost generation
Lost in art and culture

Then came a map
Four men around surrounding it
Moving boundaries to and fro

Then came the music
50’s were jazz
60’s were cleansing and morose
70’s had us on the dance floor
Until “I will Survive”
Then came music from the bayou
And synths and beats

But now, 2 decades
Nothing but ear-candy
Not giving any water to the soul
Or food to the mind
Selling out is pop’s adage

But 2014 is different
Disco breathed again
And we were reminded
That music comes
From the strangest of places
In “Cities never seen on screens”
Just like in the 70’s when
3 birds visited us


1 thought on “Changing Volumes

  1. Balabhadra

    Dear Author/Poet, this creation reflects the extent and magnitude of your social awareness and sensitivity. Also, the consciousness with which you write challenges the commentator to respond, and challenges the consciousness of the commentator to enter your would and expand. Your writings are the creations of a true artist as educator.



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