My Love

I stroked the dove in your golden locks
And smelled the rose between your breasts
And rubbed the vines around your legs

My love, my beauty, my desire
I call to you
“Esmeralda, Esmeralda”

And gaze at your land, palms and roses
And at the island inside those emerald eyes
A land of eternal beauty and youth

The sun naked and shivering atop your isle
Covered by robes of endless clouds
The wind tries to chill my soul

But my soul is a café at noon
I exclaim, wait my dear while I get the matches
I began rubbing the matches and a flame is lit
I set it on the sandy cove with my eyes into yours

Until the wind with its chill
Blows out the inextinguishable flame

We try again but the wind does not approve
I pull up the anchor; get into my skiff, wave and set sail

Here I write amid the shake of the stars and the navy blue sky
Here I think another fire will be lit but alas I can only think about yours


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