Night Vision

The stars shaking
The dim blue sky
The moon’s magic illuminates the endless realm of night
The sea of tears
The cries of the wind chill his soul

He remembers her cries
And her golden locks of hair and wide curvy hips
Sinking in the sea

He reached for her but her road is at the end.
Her corpse lies in the depths of Neptune’s realm
She is shivering with the others in the vast sky

He is distraught, this move of love never to be forgotten in the game of life

He calls to her “Aurora, Aurora, my dearest, you and only you, the only breasts I’ll ever touch so gently, the only hand I’ll ever hold so tenderly, the only flame that will light, an inextinguishable flame”.

He hears the echo believing it’s her and seeing a light glimmers in the water, he swims to her.

The night sky is fuller and brighter the following evening.


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