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Snap # 6 nothing by nobody

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You don’t need a woman/gay/race card to buy a suffer-ring. You just need a human card.


Don’t pierce your soul with a suffer-ring.


You watch the movie of life in the bed of death.


Thinking caps come with free trail-blazers


When you graduate from life you need to wear a thinking cap and a trail-blazer


Don’t destroy the trail-blazer park to built the nuclear-family plant


The psycho-path doesn’t exist anymore so take the road of life.


You eat war raw. It’s either a money tree or a religion-pigeon.


Life is a heart-dying salon. Death is a heart-dieing salon


A heart is a house. The heart is a home.


Snap #5 #nothing by nobody

suicide notes and life statements

Youth is a truth but to die is a lie.

I wanted to kill myself…

1-by doing nothing but I did everything.

2-by falling off the staircase to heaven but I took the escalator up.  

3-by committing social suicide but I only fell down the social ladder.  

4-by failing the test of life but then I retook it and passed.

5-by falling out of love but gravity doesn’t exist in my heart.

6-by being trampled on by the elephant in the room but they were all in the media circus.

7-by sleeping in the bed of death but I couldn’t fall asleep.

8-by falling into the melting pot but no immigr-ants are allowed.  

9-by becoming prey in the human food chain but at least I wasn’t a predator.

10-by jumping from heaven but I landed in hell.

11-by becoming a chameleon but I lived in a black and white world.

12-by jumping off the friendship-bridge but I landed on a relation-ship.

13-by choking on my voice but I had no voice.

Snap #4 nothing by nobody

Life is a wife and peace is her niece.

The Us-bus goes between a friend-ship and a relation-ship.

Immigrants to new hearts need to learn the language of love.

I wear genes in my blood cell.

Friendships can’t enter the hate-state.

You can’t drink fear when driving your life.

The internet is fast food for the mind.

Egos are cannibals and souls are vegans.

When finding love don’t park your bye-ke next to the fire hi-drant   

Love triangle exists between heart, mind, soul.

Snap #3 #nothing by nobody

Souls mate then abort hate.

There’s an elevator to heaven from the top of the glass ceiling.

If you’re under the ceiling you have to take the stairs.  

You play life on a prive-ledge with a preju-dice.

God and Death are film critics judging the movies of our lives.

They sleep through most of them.

Tone-deaf people aren’t color-blind.

Gender is a blender in the race-case.

Bread-winners make a dough using the bill-mill.

Snap #2 nothing by nobody

The kids of your fears are your tears.

Hate is straight. Fear is queer.

The fate of hate is to wait not mate.

To get to the hate-state take the pain-train.

You get drunk on fear-beer and sober on honest-tea

Snap 1 #NothingByNobody

Second book “nothing” by nobody is in the works.

I will share the snaps regularly. The book will be released at the end of summer 2017. #nothingbynobody

Lust sews kisses. Love sows kisses.
Lust reigns hearts. Love rains hearts.
Lust needs love. Love kneads love.