Snap #5 #nothing by nobody

suicide notes and life statements

Youth is a truth but to die is a lie.

I wanted to kill myself…

1-by doing nothing but I did everything.

2-by falling off the staircase to heaven but I took the escalator up.  

3-by committing social suicide but I only fell down the social ladder.  

4-by failing the test of life but then I retook it and passed.

5-by falling out of love but gravity doesn’t exist in my heart.

6-by being trampled on by the elephant in the room but they were all in the media circus.

7-by sleeping in the bed of death but I couldn’t fall asleep.

8-by falling into the melting pot but no immigr-ants are allowed.  

9-by becoming prey in the human food chain but at least I wasn’t a predator.

10-by jumping from heaven but I landed in hell.

11-by becoming a chameleon but I lived in a black and white world.

12-by jumping off the friendship-bridge but I landed on a relation-ship.

13-by choking on my voice but I had no voice.


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