In Me Your Destiny


You were a clutch of eyes amidst my blind heart
my love wrestling with the anchored hours
departing the land of childhood
i was born in laughter’s river
severed among starry garlands
my love grows thirsty, without any bottle
to encapsulate the moon and feed rustic echoes,
Our mouths are hungry to no avail and veiled
in my misery, flowering into kisses for nobody
you are like nothing since i created you
not of scald or metals but rather aromas,
i am nothing because you are everything
the moonshine, the sunshine
mother of pearl, pearl of mother
mother, daughter, sister
gardener of frost
queen of voices
nothing, everything
i, you, the world, my emptiness filling you
street sweeper of dreams
ruler of miracles,
My heart
showing you the way to
the archipelago of nostalgia
originating in the sea of people,
the battlefield of kisses
where ringed hands
Bring silenced mouths
to drunken, daffodil morgues,
the world laughing, you are weeping
The world weeping, you are laughing
The world surviving, you are dreaming
To survive inside a dream,
My dream of you,
My winged eyes
penetrating your flower
from the sunken
Isle of my lips
every hour, day, dream, destiny


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