Lolita’s Road, Moirae’s Path

Insomnia bayoneting
The fish of dreams
With a thorny lance,
Bloodstained carnations,
The soul’s lining of
Inebriated stars

Anguish closes
As a nocturnal rose
Atop dew’s lips
That are more ours
Than yours

Your ivy-hairs
Entwined in the golden
Chapel of my brumal
Hands with
Roots of weeping

Bastion of cards,
Vermillion king
In his sepulcher of obols
Charon’s shadowy boat of lips
The livid river but a Via Dolorosa
You the Giaconda

Clockwork gait
Sediment of unrequited,
Candid crystals, rings
Willows of unbridled crucifixes,
Magdalene etched in ash,
Immortalized in tallows
Stars shrouded in urns of fog
Bedrock of sublime corpses

Azure collars intermingling
With ebony jackets
Diabolical shoe-shiners
And angelic bakers
But us, your waist
Is my insidious stream
Of embraces
The circle of your arms
Where I shall subsist
Circadianly without
Air, water, bread
Only: laughter, love, light

Amanuensis of winter
With a pen of clouds etching
Darkness’s pixels of ravens
Icarus atop the carillon
That summons the tides of pity

Heart that
Bounds, rebounds,
Divides, subdivides
Into pincers ambushing
The rose’s sensuality
A sweet, sweet moon
Of the mother liquid
Lampshade of lashes
From arrogant pupils
Ensconced in a boudoir
Where dread is
Dissevered among
Impalpable snuff-bottles
Of the earth’s womb

Here my melancholy wrestles with
Nostalgia’s ventilator and the cool
Metals of grates, pipes
That fury’s infantry liquidated
My resolute mouth of

Nymph of the fount whose
Name I helm upon
Destined for the archipelago
Of sorrow
Blue rood of kisses
Where the firebird roosts

An anvil of nocturnal gazes
Asleep in spleen’s cot
Amphorae of inebriated days
Descending into
The necropolis of
Sedated keels,
Seduced parasols
Alabaster anchors
In the nets of desires
Figurehead wedged in
Horizon’s canopy
Of flowering clouds

The world of scythes is cold
Your eyes that brim
With an autumnal harvest
Nude stars line your mouth
Cousin of the lighthouse
Phosphorus’s daughter

My heart is a polder
Of solitude
Where solidarity takes form
In tubers of laughter
And love was draped on
Bridges of mourning


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