Effigy of the Crucifix

I. All love is mired in sadness

Dreams die of insomnia

I am encapsulated in the quagmire of your flowery lips

Stars: colts frenziedly careening across the sky’s weft

The horizon is peopled with brandished rulers, maudlin voices,

Queens in coronets of bones, cuticles of guitars where spring rose in spume

Your hairs raining all winey-night into my salt-hewn eyes

Flowers germinating in the hidden light of being

Being infatuated under horizon’s veil

II. Love forged on burgeoning stars,

That descends into alcoholic cesspools,

Laden with our incarnate, unabridged crosses of arms

And frond of stillness’s pear-bough

Pallor of winter, coalescing gelid lips

Collapsing into the sea of corpses

We are quills of Orion’s bow destined for the road of hope

That originates in the eyes of mourning

III. Flowerless eons of mirrors in egotists’ clenches

You are a handful of dahlias on my barren heart

A train of dreams, the word: somber in its fedora of liberty

A paper crane navigating vellum of inkwells,

Fallen lashes from stifling egos, clods of the moon’s blood

The whole of love absconding the sea and it’s blue lurching

And filling your azure-topazes of eyes with founts

Love in you, me, the vendor of anguish, jar of vitality,

In dreamers traversing the archipelago of Fortuity

And comatose veins of Bronze

Love that courses and courses and courses toward the wake of lighting clashes;

Kneads a cloud of pity and ebbs in brine-coated crystals

IV. Chloris, in you there are no dissensions between hearts and comets

And insurmountable canals of smiles and thawing shadows of furies

And firebirds and fishes of hope and air-flowers and cupolas of halos

The invisible stairway no longer despondent,

Kisses are but disciples of tenderness

I delight in your amorphous, silent love unbuttoning my snow cardigan

With its pincers of haste that undulated as carillons

That illuminates the homes of stars of dreams of isles of pines of tranquility

Of a cocotte of a road of unyielding fervor of an effigy

You are still as a butterfly in a waist of fog, amber in shade

Skies throbbing in wine-stained reveries, the nude stars resurrect my visions of you

On the phosphoric vagrant rail of March’s infernos

The moon is a vessel laden with vanquished memories, resurrected visions

V. Lamps adorning garlands of lachrymose clouds upon spring’s bosom

Earth is the soul’s lantern, a nocturnal honeysuckle of dawn

The rose between your lips becomes the stream of blood of an arduous, woebegone

Encounter in the necropolis of unrequited love

Where a desire alighted as a pigeon, dead, with a name: Esperanza

The bloodstained, echoing flower, of my distant land with alabaster-mare hips

Basking in the taciturn vase of caresses, dew of reciprocity,

Petals but hems of the ensuing melancholy

And a parchment of naked kisses lurks in the kiln of obscurity


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