Every spring
Of each hour
Of diurnal dreams
Dissevering into
The stars’ clods of blood
Coalescing as azure crystals
Into sullen bluebells, wicks;
Throughout the tallowed sky
Slaughterers in coronets of bones

I paced through
Voice and silence
Dream and haze
Initiations and divergences
Past manors who heaped
Of taciturn comets
Winey embraces of
Inebriated inkwells

Where from the sea of weeping
Tides of anguish engulfing
The silver penitentiary of my heart
Encasing twilight’s butterflies

Blue, macabre glints
Of rigidity’s iron
Rifting from lightning’s
Lie-cleaved board
Into multitudes
Of uncertainties

You were a firebird
Of autumn’s fronds
In my verdant soul
A dove in a mercenary’s
Viridescent eyes
The word: forsaken,
In garlands of caresses

A glass panther traversing infernos
Of groins, heated hearts, autumnal hearths
Assailing the train of shadows
That billows as a morphine syringe
In the soporific chapel of euphoria
Honed on hallucinations, poppy-hewn lips

Comatose veins of phosphorus,
Bleeding moons,
Erect courgettes
Are but the spume
Of a kaleidoscopic dream

Love’s form in the flute,
Of risen baguettes vended
To arrogant duchesses of tulle
In spines of voyageurs
On the archipelago of Serendipity
Chrysalis of Pomona’s oak crucifix
Of an unabridged lap
Errant pupae of oblivion

Each lover with
Eyes of mourning
And a cot of scalded tongues,
Curbed slurs
Montages of roses
And their clockwork lurching,
And chèvre of
The sleet-clad mountain

A nectarine of the sky
With its earthy pit of solitude
The alley’s bosom of rolls
Unleavened with insomnia,
Transcendences of
Despondent kilns
Diadems of ash

Heart of thorny goblets
Singeing the mouth’s
Underpass of cold leaves
Thickets unifying within
Orations of dew, bitterness
Divulged by the vagrant fuse
That muzzles vacant souls
Amidst a scuffling of spiders
And their silk-works

They pitied love with bruises
White, solemn tributary
With bedrock of rosy infants


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