Juxtapositions of Abstractions:

Wind that pimps a butterfly

Toward abstinent windows

Taciturn bridges moored onto sunned skies

Here, Death loved you


Mother-of-pearl street-lamps

Among twilight’s transient foam-veins

Blue-eyed river of semen, mirrors

My brother enthralled with himself


Poppies reunited within syringes

Wombs of ashtrays, hearts of tiny cowbells

Emporiums vending syllables, prosthetics, breath

My daughter seduced by a mannequin


Train-wrecked heart

In a cool underpass of penuries

Souls dissolving into silhouettes atop sundials

My mother courting a phantom


Vivacious flower

Asleep in oblivion’s jar

Resurrected into shadowy honey

I loved an effigy

I smelled of jasmine, brine, you


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