Your lips open; a dew crowned rose,
Laced with dream, nude

Sweet words rain on my bare chest
In the form of light hidden in wild violets

Queen of the forgotten dawn
Blue, twisted slave of the shattered night
Dancing like wheat with stars!

The earth throbs in bird-filled reveries
Waves sleep on foam beds, beneath the lighthouse-like cliff

Stars disentangle from their light-hued garb
The moon bleeds streams of silver, finite dreams

My heart closes in streaks of ice, a river that never reaches the sea,
Sleeping on a pillow, a moonlike slab of basalt,
Drunken on loneliness


1 thought on “Flowers

  1. Balabhadra

    AJ. The insight into your present state is expressed with grace and simplicity. I enjoyed this writing. Sorry about your loneliness. Napoleon Hill, a great American inspirationalist has written wise advice based on reality: “In every situation of adversity, look for the seed of equivalent benefit”. I hope your equivalence comes quickly bringing you peace and joy. – ub



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