An Ode to Ariane

Ariane: A dream, a fire, a butterfly

Your lips were boats of roses

Hair, the fire of life


The voice of spring, of freedom

Laden with the aromas of pines,

Sounding like a dove cooing another

I fell into your soul, into the chasm of dream


Your blood

As if an endless army brought happiness

To the stronghold of oblivion

in the depths of my heart


My blue, tearful world faded into

bright shades of scarlet skies

emerald forests


Sunlight entered the gate

of your amber necklace

and your rose fell into

my soul’s garden


But your eyes didn’t gaze on my isle, my ocean

they longed for him


Your thoughts, paper airplanes

found refuge

In the green ink letters

of his notes


Two blue flowers of those eyes

slept on the plain of his chest

Your heart’s star electrified his soul

Leaving in me the violet darkness


Sorrow drowns my vessel of kisses

and my butterfly doesn’t

perch next to yours

on the cherry tree of love


Sleeping in the silver, dreamy cedar

the moon painted


1 thought on “An Ode to Ariane

  1. Balabhadra

    AJ. Gentle, romantic, mature disclosure as an Ode to Ariane. The author may not have become the central love figure in the author’s life, but if the author keeps presenting poetry like this to other ladies the author will have many, many Arianes in the author’s life. Les femme, les femme, toujours les femme. The sweetness of the feminine gender poses a welcome (yet transitory) refuge to a longing heart leaving the eternal dilemma and challenge: pursue the pleasures of the worldly flesh or purse the bliss of the transcendent Soul. Or take a little time for refuge in order to know personally which is best. Happy trails AJ. I’m enjoying your journey and appreciate being able to ponder your creations. ; )



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