Two Monologues

My heart’s want for your love fills the empty night.
The night brings me marigolds to pin to my aching heart.

I imagine walking through purple mountains and crystal skies
Guided by my soul’s compass
And there you shall dance freely in the wind

The wind who will loosen her hand from mine
And sail me to your wide arms

Stretched from zenith to star of my suffering
Light travels barefoot through the night
To rest on your soul

My heart will fly through the heavens
In the cordillera sun
Searching the rustle of the elms that shelter you

Fleeing from the net of darkness
Subdued by starlight
Dyed by the oranges of autumn


The love letter dances above the fire
Stars fall into earth’s poor hands
Green smoke fills the vagrant night

The sea embraced the sky
The bramble held the oak

Only we hunger for love
And you are away from my world

I shall rest like a child
Under the bramble tree

The vain night hides you
But I shall wait like a lamppost for your star
To shine on my soul

I shall search through the rivers, the pages

The roses undress above the water
Here in the sky the gulls of your brows flew
Woman of burning passion
Hands full of stars and seawater
Your body was a boat that fled
But your heart stayed in my hands

If only the Lord would hear my suffering
If only He saw your diamond eyes that hunger for my
Soul water

My longing is otherworldly
But do not fret, our fire, our love comes first

In the twilight where memories like thieves haunt me
Where final dreams will beg
Where love will leave unnoticed like a farm-child running in the night


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