A Fire in Rain

It was spring when you crossed my threshold
In our spring
You weaved me garlands of kisses
And I lit flames of lust
Your eyes brought me to your isle
I felt your warm curved hips
And cool narrow legs
And stroked the deer next to them,
I smelled the rose between your breasts
And embraced you

Summer came and went
We waded in the river
We were acquainted with each other’s
We were friends at day
Crazed animals at night
It was our night, for us lovers
Walk free, walk long

The autumn chill entered your heart
And I lifted the anchor
But your smile brought me back

I climbed the highest peak in the name of love
I screamed to you at the zenith
You ran up and with the sunrise
A passion unfolded, a panther and a deer
But by sunset we were unknowns

Several weeks went by in the spell
But the winter storm chased the autumn out
And lit out the fire in the pit

I called out to you in the vast expanse
Where were you when I needed you most
Were you in his arms, lips in lock
I was true but life gets the better of us all

I tossed her robes onto our bed
Hoping we can once again sleep together

Eventually I put those thoughts to rest and
I climbed into our bed for eternal rest


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