The Call of the Sea

The glitter of the sea has always allured sailors. Many, many years ago, there lay a great ship mercilessly tossed in the sea of tears. On the stern lay a great admiral dressed in a blue jacket with a pocket next to the heart. However, he was subdued by their beauty, by their glances and by their songs. They sung so beautiful, so melodically. He felt entranced and eventually fell of the deck. In the water, he opened is eyes for an instance to be met by the beautiful, lime green eyes of a mermaid. She left him there on the shore.

Several hours later his fellow men came and found him. She listened closely as he said I remember my saviour, her lime green eyes, her diamond crown. If I can’t find her there will always be a void in my heart. She looked up to him only to find him looking to another. As the siren came he caressed her. The green-eyed girl left.

She then heard the song, the siren song again. She rushed to the beach only to find blood seeping from his ears. She lay there immobile on the beach. If one visits the beach they will find the mermaid’s crown on top of the admiral’s jacket in the heart pocket. She was always his queen in life and in the afterlife. And of the siren you can hear the waves hitting the shore, bringing you closer to the sea.


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