The Firework and the Candle

There on a ledge in the Lee family home lay side by side a firework and a candle. The two know that May-Day is happy yet sad. Celebrating the summer, mourning the loss of her father.

The two lay on a ledge, discussing life. The candle commences “Firework, you are bursting, red, blue, green, lighting up the whole sky but I burn orange for few”. The firework responds, “I may be flashy but o dearest candle, I live until I am light up, to burst in the skies, a short time alas, but you live long, burning until the passage of time”. The candle then explains, “My life is miserable, to live through the beatings by rain, to live through the winter chill, the summer heat but you are happy to light up the skies once, to have all love you, to have all in awe”. “You are to help the young, to mark their milestones, to help them live, to make their mayday exemplary, to be loved but I am to burn morosely for the dead, to help them make it through, I, a reminder of pain and misery”.

In an instant comes the man of the house and his lady. On his last remark the candle states “You are a firework bursting, green red, orange in this dull long candle-like world, be happy for your time here, it is short but vivid and blissful”. With that the man took the firework to light it up for mayday. The lady took the candle to the cemetery to light it up next to the grave of her late father.


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